3D Tattoos : Women Tattoo Designs Guide as Your 2016 Trend

Everyone talks about 3D tattoos designs women these days. It is enough to prove that tattoo becomes 2016 trends especially for women these days since long time ago. Unlike normal tattoo, 3D tattoo offers realistic illusions which will blow your mind every time you see them on beautiful body. Not all people know the 3D tattoo obviously. In this article, we will discuss about them in deep explanations and elaborations. If you are bored with normal or 2D tattoos, you have to read our post until the end. You will love your tattoo once again and may upgrade it into 3D designs. So, let us start this article now.

What is 3D Tattoos Designs Women ?

So, why 3D tattoos designs women are different with 2D or normal tattoos? It is obviously different. You cannot compare normal tattoos with 3D tattoos although they have the same methods or process in drawing them. The normal tattoo just has normal drawings like we drawn in a piece of paper. Meanwhile, the 3D tattoo seems more sophisticated. The drawing or image looks like flying on our body. It seems so real even in any perspective or angels. Likely, 3D tattoo have sizes and sides. Moreover, 3D tattoos should be colored. We know that normal tattoos sometimes come with black and white colors only, right? Another important thing for 3D tattoo is its dimensions. Without dimensions, it won’t be 3D tattoos. The objects or designs of 3D tattoo look appear and real from a distance.

3D Tattoos Designs Women: Why They Are So Real?

Why those 3D tattoo designs women are so real? It has been discussed above. It is because the colors and dimensions. That is also the reason why the 3D tattoos artists have to be more careful in designing 3D tattoo. They have to place the light, shadow and colors of the tattoos in details and accurate placements. Without this skill, the tattoo won’t have three dimensional shapes after all. This technique of tattooing is freshly used since a few decades ago. In other words, it is extremely modern as new trends especially for women. The 3D tattoo artists also have to blur some parts of their designs in order to give 3D effect obviously. It will help the 3D tattoos noticeable from a distance.

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How to Get?

Now, the question directs us to how to get those 3D tattoo designs for women? This is also including whether all tattoo shops provides it or not. The answer is depending on the tattoo shops on your local area. They do have ability of 3D tattooing, but some of those shops don’t either. So, it depends where you live right now. If you live in an area which has older community in tattoos, we believe it is quite hard to find 3D tattoos and vice versa. But, some big cities have best 3D tattoos shops these days obviously.  People will do give you their recommendations about this obviously. Therefore, you can look at these 3D tattoos designs for women firstly as your inspirations.

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