Black Dragon Tattoos Designs Variations

Black dragon tattoos come in a couple of styles that have a meaning how connected they are with human folklore. Below are a couple of Dragon designs that you can choose to become your inspiration in order to have a tattoo for the rest of your life. In the culture of Japanese and a couple of areas in the Orient, Dragon come as Water creatures and claimed to be good omens. In these tattoo designs, you can see that the dragon is on the defiant stance like he is ready to challenge ones who want to take his place.

Black Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoo designs are often claimed as Phoenix Tattoos.  It is often perfect to have sleeping Dragon tattoo designs on your body.  For those of you who wear this tattoo of sleeping dragon, it means that you want to show the world that you cannot be trifled. A sleeping dragon means Power and Strength which ready to awaken when the time is right. These Black Dragon Tattoo designs are sometime symbolized Power, Strength, Wisdom, Prosperity, Longevity, and Good Luck. Asian Dragon look like serpents which want to find existence and you will not find bat-wings that usually found in the European Black Dragon tattoos.

The tattoo of gothic dragon symbolizes Strength, Power, and also primal instinct of mankind. The rising dragon image is a symbol for progress and ascension. Usually, for those of you who wear this tattoo design, you will look fearless and strong. These black dragon tattoos are sometime worn by people who have challenge adversity and feel that the progress of his life has been run.

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Yin Yang And Tribal

Tribal Tattoos are a perfect way in order to combine a couple of mythologies from many parts of the world. Tribal Tattoos mean spiritual importance and have the strong ties of men with the area which the design comes from. When it combines with a dragon image, it means that the wearer of the tattoo will send a powerful message to connect with nature and a specific culture. In the culture of Chinese Dragon means Yang and the Phoenix means Yin. Yang means the masculine forces which have passion and are untamed like the Sun. Meanwhile, Yin means the calmer or more rational one which represents the Moon.

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