Polynesian Tattoo Designs And Meanings

For those of you who are looking for next Polynesian tattoo designs, this is the article that will help you to find one according to your preference. These are a couple of Polynesian tattoo designs that can be your inspiration. These designs will give a perfect starting point in order to show off the look of the next tattoo that you have instead of looking for a Polynesian tattoo ideas. This article will also give the meaning for each design, because you have to know the meaning of the tattoo before you wear one. Tattooing from Polynesia has meaning and deep history in order to honor the tradition.

Shark Teeth Or Nino Mano

In Polynesian, Sharks mean the god for people in Polynesia. In this case, the meaning of shark teeth tattoo is very deep in the majority of tattooing in Polynesia. Sharks teeth are a symbol for guidance, shelter, power, coverage, adaptability and ferocity. This element can be displayed in a couple of combinations such as individual rows, vertical, horizontal, a couple of rows and many more.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs: Sun

The Sun is one of the Polynesian tattoo designs which have deep meaning. Basically, the meaning of this element is brilliance, prosperity, leadership and grandiosity. Meanwhile, in relation with a couple of other elements, the sun will have a couple of different meanings of Polynesian tattooing. There is a couple of different meaning which are associated with Sun such as shape, size, and sun rays. Sunset can be associated with afterlife, while a rising sun can be associated with rebirth.

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Sea Shells and Turtle Shells are part of the Polynesian tattoo designs. The turtle counterpart of the Turtle Shells has meaning which is family, long life, harmony and many more. Meanwhile, Sea Shells represent shield, protection, and intimacy in a couple of specific cases. In Polynesian tattoo designs; those two elements are commonly used by Polynesian.


Enata is symbol of gods and men and also society rank. In a couple of Polynesian tattoo designs, Enata which has been reversed can be used in order to represent enemy. Meanwhile, the combination of Enata can be applied for representing a defensive structure. Enata can also be applied in order to style other traditional Polynesian tattoo elements like Turtle.

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